Terms and conditions


General Terms and Conditions for use

Welcome to tinybot!By using this platform, as well as the tools available on the platform or related to it, you are stating your agreement with the Terms and Conditions that follow, including terms and conditions available on the tinybot website. The term 'Terms and Conditions' covers the present general terms and conditions for use.

What is the tinybot procedure?

tinybot is a simple twitter bot as a service - meaning that you are able to create bots following simple rules to post, follow, retweet and perform other actions on Twitter.

What about my credentials?

To create a Twitter bot, you are required to upload your API and consumer Key credentials to us, meaning, you are giving implied consent for tinybot to handle and process your documents and personal information.Tinybot will only ever post or use your credentials under conditions and rules you set for it.  Following on from this, tinybot does not assume responsibility for the loss, damage, delay or destruction caused by your tweets as it is only following your orders.  

What about the fees?

Tinybot is free for 7 days, and thereafter its $1 per bot per month